January 30, 2015Tonight at 5:00pm is the final WOD in the old box before we officially move over to the CrossFit Camas location on February 2nd, 2015.

If you have EVER walked through our doors, please stop by and share some memories as we prepare for a new and exciting chapter in our progression.

The Workout:
Do as many or as few of these WODs as you want. If you can get them all done, even better!


1. 10 reps of each movement for time and technique @ 45/32lbs:

Snatch grip Dead lift

Snatch grip shrug pull

Snatch grip high pull

Power snatch

Snatch grip press behind the neck

Overhead squat

Squat drops

Snatch balance

Squat Snatch

-You all may have heard me say this before, but this snatch progression, that we have done at The Workout for years, is some of the best prep for OLY lifts there is. Now you get to do it for time, but don’t get sloppy!

2. 2’ AMRAP

5 Thrusters 95/65

5 Pull ups

-This is a shout out to our friend and coach John Burns. He recently sent me video where he jerked 240lbs. I remember last year he PR’d his clean and jerk at 225lbs. That’s progress. I’m not sure how many times John and I did "Fran" together, but it was several. I would always beat him on the thrusters and he would always beat me on the pull ups. I had to include these movements in memory of the good times we had together.

3. For time:

800m run

10 Pull up/Toes to bar – must complete 1 pull up + 1 toes to bar = 1 rep

30 Russian KBS 70/53lbs

– My friend Nate Cooper was THE first person to workout with me all those years ago, before anyone else started showing up. We did "EVA" which is 5 rounds 800m run, 30 pull ups, 30 KBS 70lbs. So, this is in honor of that first effort that led to the creation of The Workout, with a John Burns twist (pull up + TTB).

4. Back squat AMRAP 225/145lbs
– Who doesn’t love back squatting, right Madison!

5. Wall climbs 2′ AMRAP
-Why not?