Over the years, as a coach/trainer, I’ve witnessed people hit walls where they struggle with finding the motivation to get their WOD on. It happens during this very time of the year, more so than any other time of the year. Many folks’ schedules are busier with school being back in session, the weather has made it’s rugged turn, there’s less sunshine, people are more vulnerable to viruses, etc…it can be quite a list. When you think about the many possible “reasons”, it’s easy to see why clients often “fall off” during this season. I have to say though, as a coach/trainer, most of the “reasons” I hear don’t qualify as a legit “excuses” and therefore don’t warrant “falling off.”

What’s even more painful than being a part of a client losing motivation and letting it spiral out of control, is the phase that follows: The regret and playing catch up phase. Regret is never a good feeling. Playing catch up is much more difficult than maintaining your ground…especially as we get older.

You are here training for a reason…a very worthy reason. That reason is your well being. We all take better care of the rest of our lives if we are taking care of ourselves, we all know this. When we fall off, we’re much less active, gain weight, our workload capacity decreases, we eat more, we gain more weight, lose motivation, look at ourselves in the mirror and are unhappy with what we see, get upset with ourselves, say we’re going to get back in the gym but put it off, then go eat more to ease the stress, do even less activity, lose even more motivation, stress more etc… and it just starts repeating itself again and becomes a downward spiral, a very unhealthy downward spiral at that.

There is only one way to break a downward spiral such as this. YOU must interject your will, into this spiral, to break the negative cycle. Turn it around. From there, you just stay consistent.

Below are a few pieces of advice from me to you. We’d also very much love to hear your advice and/or comments as well.

1) Don’t think, just go. If it’s time to get your WOD on, but you’re trying to find every reason possible to keep yourself from going even though you know you should go…Slap yourself in the face (a glass of cold water to the face works as well), stop thinking, and GO TO THE BOX.

2) Drag them with you. If your WOD partner is trying to pull you down and being a total stick in the mud about it…slap THEM in the face, and physically drag them to the box. Let us deal with them from there.

3) Put aside your ego, and come face the music. If you haven’t been here in way too long, really want to get back into it, still check our webpage and read our posts, but are a little embarrassed to come face the music…put your ego in a box and come take it “head on.” There is no other way.

4) Set performance goals. If you set performance oriented goals for yourself, i.e., to be able to run a 5k, increase your strength with certain lifts, etc…, you may find it easier to stay focused and motivated with your training. We would love to help you set these goals.

Again, we’d love your advice and/or comments, especially if you can relate to this. I think that to some degree we’ve all been there.