It’s so true too.

I was first introduced to this concept back when I was 19 years of age. These words would come from the mouths of Navy SEAL instructors on frequent occasion. Though I was never a Navy SEAL, I did have the honor of having them hand me my own butt everyday, M-F, for a couple of months.

I never really understood this concept until years later, and I find those words ringing in my head now days, more than ever, whether it’s within the context of my own training, coaching clients, or just in my own life in general.

It can be applied on so many different levels. If you’re trying to keep up with the pack at the box and find yourself slipping with your training, heed the words. “It’s easier to maintain than to play catch up.” Especially if you’re going to be trying to catch up to a pack of athletes who aren’t letting up with their own effort levels.

What this article is REALLY about though is this:
Kids are back to school. Fall is near. The holidays will follow shortly thereafter. It’s time for my yearly motivational spiel. The motivational phrase above never strikes so many so true, more than it does during Fall and early Winter leading up to the New Year. What are you suppose to maintain? You know. Your health and fitness levels. The extra 10 pounds that so many people gain during this time of year, yeah guess what? Have fun playing catch up with THAT! You know it doesn’t get easier with age either. I’m not saying anything new here.

As your coach, I am putting a challenge out to you all. Go beyond maintaining. Keep progressing through the end of this year. Hammer down and keep it down.